BIM Advancement Academy

BIM Advancement Academy

The BIM Advancement Academy at Nagpur is a collaboration between Maha-Metro and Bentley Institute to ensure that information management best practices, for project delivery and asset performance, are adopted by all Maha-Metro stakeholders and the supply chain. BIM is a combination of people, process, and technology. BIM principles improve workflows throughout the project lifecycle, in order to reduce time and cost overruns and produce better results. This collaboration is one of the first of its kind among Metro projects in India to adopt an integrated BIM approach.

The Nagpur Maha-Metro project is an assemblage of numerous partners like DDC, GC, consultants, contractors, and other stakeholders that requires extensive synergy and coordination. All stakeholders of Maha-Metro can attend sessions in the BIM Advancement Academy to learn about the technology, data management processes, and principles used across multiple disciplines, and the BIM standards at all stages that are required to deliver state-of-the-art metro projects in India.

The BIM Advancement Academy is located in the Nagpur office of Maha-Metro, so that all collaborators and invited guests can learn about BIM principles key to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of Maha-Metro projects. Academy courses are aligned with Nagpur Metro's BIM vision, with current and upcoming sessions published regularly on the Schedule page, all powered by Bentley Institute's extensive experience and guidance from their Advancement Academies.

BIM Academy Results

*as of 31 January 2018

Brijesh Dixit

Managing Director Maha-Metro
"Our BIM Advancement Academy was launched, powered by Bentley Institute, to support not only our Nagpur Metro staff and officers, but also design consultants, contractors, and all other associated collaborators. Sharing knowledge and best practices ensures long-term sustainability via BIM practices."


1) Create a world- class centre of excellence for rail in India.

2) Promote and advance BIM best practices in India.

Benefits of the BIM Advancement Academy Include

  • Improved delivery of projects, through technology advances and improved data mobility
  • Coordinated data management among and between teams, throughout the project lifecycle
  • Integrated digital information to improve the physical projects
  • Enforced standards and best practices throughout the entire supply chain